Garden Gate Surveys: Reader Advisory Board

The Garden Gate Advisory Board is a select group of gardeners gathered together to share their ideas with Garden Gate magazine. We want your honest opinions about how Garden Gate is doing and what you might like to see in the future, in the printed magazine, on the Web and in other products we might offer.

This is an important job. That’s why we’re hopeful you’ll want to participate. Here’s how it works: From time to time, I’ll send you an online survey. Sometimes it will ask your opinions on our most recent issue. Other times it will ask for feedback on other ideas we have.

With many of the surveys, we offer a chance at a prize. In the past we have given away books, gardening tools, and Garden Gate subscriptions and renewals.

So, how do you join? Simply enter your name and email address below, and click on the “Sign Up” button. We’ll be sending your first survey in the next few weeks.

Happy gardening!
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Steven Nordmeyer

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